Voice-enabled smart office ECOsystem

A 3D animated virtual assistant who modernize the way offices manage and receive their visitor

Enables offices to leave an imposing first impression to their visitors and provide a seamless visitor experience

How can we help?

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Identifies your visitors and employees with facial recognition

Chatbot Integration

The chatbot delivers automatic notifications to the host once their visitor arrived


You can track your visitors and your employees with the help of the admin interface
Work Log

Work Hours Log Book

You can track your employees work hours in the admin interface

General FAQ

Amanda can answer all of the general questions about your company and brand

How it works

Visitors sign in on a touch screen

When a visitor arrives, they will enter their details with their voice or digital keyboard

Amanda notifies their host

The chatbot delivers an automatic notification to the host once their visitor arrived

The host greets their visitor

The host can meet their visitor seamlessly